Drop # 1126 by Fabiana

April says:
"This is something that really touched my heart... bringing joy to a total stranger when they least expect it."

Jeen-Marie says:
"Random acts of kindess are awesome"

Kyleigh says:
"I want to put a smile on a random strangers face."

Meggan says:
"I love the idea of giving something for the joy it will bring to someone else"

"I love picturing someone stumbling across a toy and the joy that it can bring."

Nikki says:
"I just LOVE the whole concept. No reward sought, just a kind act that could make someone smile. It so rarely happens. I can imagine how excited my two young daughters would be to find something and would love to do that for someone elses daughters too."

Suzanne says:
"To teach my kids the art of giving."

Tracy says: 
"My son and I found a dropped toy today. At first I didn't understand what was going on, then I was skeptical, then I broke down and wept. This adorable little owl landed in our lives at just the right moment, and this morning I started making a stuffed kitten for my son and this seemed a little less-than-random. I desperately want to "forward" the favor."

MJ says:
"I think communities are living, breathing organisms that need to be fed, and I believe art and joy are the best foods. I make amigurumi and I need more places to put them."

Breanna says:
"I love the idea and so does my 6 year old!"