Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why The Toy Society

Welcome if you've clicked here from Whipup or Craft Zine (!!). I've had a lot of lovely emails and comments full of love for The Toy Society and lots of questions too and I realised I hadn't really told you how The Toy Society came about.

It came about from a love of "street art" but a recognition of my lack of artistic skills. I really wanted to contribute something to the street scape. I'd watched a friend put his work up about the place and got such a buzz walking past random walls in the city and seeing his work. I thought maybe I could sew something instead. And so The Toy Society was born.

I planned to leave toys around the streets to brighten up the place and give people something interesting to look at. And then I imagined what they might look like if they were still sitting on a light pole 5 weeks after they were put up...all faded and manky and rotten. So I thought I should invite people to take them home, share the love and all that.

I've been sitting on the idea for about 4 years and come up with many different versions of implementation (at one stage it was all ghosts) and even made some sample toys until finally I just decided to stop thinking and go for it.

And I couldn't have imagined the response! It was something I planned on doing myself and maybe dragging some mates along to help put the toys around the place. I considered that maybe a few people here and there might like to join in some how. I never expected the amazing global response I've received and the number of people who want to get involved.


Noelia said...

I just LOVE THE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And talked about it in my Blog, with luck more people will join it !

Ciaran said...

Wow, great idea!
Although I'm a little fearful for those toys which might not find a nice new home.
Still, how great it would be to find and adopt a toy! :)

Hello from Germany

Stacey said...

Its such a lovely, generous idea. I'm not surprised that you've had a great response.

Starfish, darling! said...


What do the tags say? I'd love to help do this in my little corner of the world.

Big love,

volksfaden said...

what a fabulouslay sweet idea! would love to see them in Berlin, could I do anything to help to get you guys to do drop offs in our fair city?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for popping by our blog Bianca :)
I think your toy society may get even bigger than WWKIPDay!
You could have World Wide Toy Drop Day ;)
just think of all the toy knitters, crocheters, & softie makers all making one toy and leaving them for someone to find - how cool would that be!

titaniumhip said...

This is a FANTASTIC idea! I will bring it to Ottawa Canada and spread the word through my blog!!!


Cindibee said...

This is one of the absolute cutest ideas and it inspires me to make a few toy drops around here! I live in Texas, near the Texas A&M campus. Perhaps the Aggies would like a few surprise toys...

Only thing that worries me is the possibility of some ridiculous person thinking these mysterious toys left in random places might be secret bombs or something... (http://tinyurl.com/3xqffg) We have some pretty stupid Americans around here...

Anyways, lovely idea! And if I do a few drops myself, it'll be a good use for all of my scraps!

lady.nicole said...


I luved da idea 2!!
gratz ^~

i rlly wish i had found thiz one Ó~Ò
unfortunately I live in Brazil n thtz rlly impossible, who knows if sumday I learn how 2 do thiz art toyz n drop 'em here in Brazil
awesome idea =D

i just think u could make caracteres 4 them, u know, put a paper telling itz name, wut it lkez 2 do ^^

fantastic im ur fan

shinyyoga said...

i love love love this idea and i've linked you up on my yoga blog. thanks for spreading some happy shiny love around the world : )