Monday, July 7, 2008

Buttons, Flickr, Yay!

The new button is available for you to add to your cute blog:

Email with the subject button and I'll send you the code! If you've already emailed me recently asking for the button, don't worry about emailing again, it's on the way to you.

And The Toy Society is alive and kicking over at Flickr now. And there's a Toy Society group you can join. The group will become part of the process for doing a drop in your city so go join now!

Now I'm off to work on some new soft toy designs that have come about from a collaboration care of this drop.

PS Don't forget to enter the competition to win a bag of toys to do a drop in your city!


Kelly said...

Thank you for the code. I have added the button to my craft blog. (:

Anonymous said...

Are all the Toy Society toys made by you? Or do others sometimes make toys and release them with info about this site?

I'm curious! :)

The Toy Society said...

Hi Treehouse, at the time this post was made, yes I did make all the toys. Now though there are lots of people making and dropping toys all around the world! If you'd like to get involved, email me and I'll send all the details.

Anonymous said...

I just added the button to my blog and can not wait to upload toys about to be dropped in the flickr fool, this is so exciting! Thank you so much for this initiative!