Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drop #28

Dropped: Corner Whittel St and Bourke St, Surry Hills, Australia. Click the link and use the 'street view' function to see the full extent of the art on that wall. Love the fake bricks.

Number of Toys: 1

Made by: Claire at Absolutely Small

When: 30 October

Dropped by: The Toy Society

And: This is the exact kind of location I imagined I would use for drops when I started this shebang.

I totally got busted doing this drop, that little Chickenpants lasted no longer than 20 seconds before it was snapped up. I only wish I shouted across the road to the finders that they should email me! And finders if you're reading this, I hope I smiled at you when you walked past. I was smiling on the inside even if it didn't show, I really wasn't sure how to act, being busted and all...


CurlyPops said...

What an amazing mural and such a cute little softie!

Absolutely Small said...

I'm glad my little Chickenpants got dropped at such an awesome location! (And was picked up so quickly!)