Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great Softie Making Resource

Photo by: Spooky Daddy

Johanna from One Red Robin has recently put together a fantastic online resource for softie making. It features links to patterns, hot tips, things to get involved in, exhibitions and more.

It's a great resource no matter how experienced you are, but is especially good for beginners. So if you've never made a softie but are keen to get in on The Toy Society fun, head over to Softie Making for all the info. Then when you've made your new softie email me so I can give you all the details on how to do a toy drop!


orkaloca said...

Hi ^___^
I'd like to drop a toy in my country, how I've to do?
(I wrote to you twice but you didn't reply to me, may be a mail failure?)

thanks ^_^

Pecos Blue said...

Thank you for the link great idea.

Emily said...

I love the octopus!!

Anonymous said...
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