Saturday, October 18, 2008


People around the world have been getting in touch with The Toy Society about being involved. It's so exciting to hear from you all and how keen you are to get in on the act.

Recently I've been contacted by two Scout Troops wanting to be part of the project. Each troop has expressed a desire to involved in the whole process - making their own toys all they way to dropping them. I find this so exciting, and apparently so do they!

So, this week the Ottawa Troop got to work making their toys.

They're using a simple softie making technique where they paint their own design onto canvas and then sew around it before stuffing it.

Can't wait to see the finished toys. And they'll be sending one of them to be dropped in Australia.

The troop will be sending regular updates right up until they do their drop, so stay tuned!


trashalou said...

That is so cool. Yay Team Toy Society!

Anonymous said...

I love this project and the fact that there are so many persons (Me included) are getting inspired and currently working in toys, it truly is becoming a worldwide movement of love!

Anonymous said...

Hi there...It's me...One of the Leaders from the 3rd Ottawa....
If the other Scout Troop is interested would they like to trade one of their toys for one of ours? Then we can do a drop here in Ottawa Canada....

Let me know!!!


pen said...

absolutely fantastic!
go go go toy society!
do you get a badge?
I want a badge!

Bellgirl said...

Good on the troops!

BTW I've featured your blog in the latest issue of the Blogtoberfest blog crawl: see

Happy Blogtober!

Stacey said...

Its fantastic to see how widely the Toy Society has been embraced.
Feeling all warm and fuzzy now!

vocab said...

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