Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Drop #81

Dropped: Minneapolis MN, USA at Dean Parkway and Lake of the Isles Drive

Number of toys: 1

Made by: Beeper Bebe (Holly)

Dropped by: Mr Beeper (Holly's Husband)

When: 23 December 2008

And Holly Says: These were dropped belatedly as part of the Toy Society's Christmas Drop--An adorable holiday monster made from reclaimed and felted wool sweaters made from the Lucy's Monster pattern (by Marne Cales) in the book Softies.

See Christmas Drop #80 for an out of the bag view of this little guy!

1 comment:

Sugarbean said...

My mom found this cute, little guy when she was out for a walk. She brought him home to give to my daughter. He is now living in Brooklyn, NY!! Thank you...he will be much loved.