Sunday, December 28, 2008

FOUND: Christmas Drop # 90

Christmas Drop # 90 has been found!

dateThu, Dec 25, 2008

Dear Toy Society,

Whilst out with my partner John and our 22 month old daugther Mia on Christmas Eve, we found Fred at the Farrington Farm Shop sat all alone on a hay stack next to the ponies. Santa has come early and after reading Freds plight decided to take him home for christmas. Thank you so much for spreading christmas cheer we will be sure to return the favour over the next couple of days, so look out residents of Midsomer Norton. Bristol. Please find attached a picture of Fred's new owner. xxx


And you know what's even nicer about this? This is now three steps down the trail. Fred's new owner would never have found Fred if Jenna's Sister Lucy hadn't found Christmas Toy Drop # 63. And now Fred's new family are keen to return the favour. How the world turns!

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