Saturday, January 17, 2009


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I'm breathing out. I'm all moved, the internet access is back (does anyone else think 1.5 weeks and 6 hours worth of waiting on hold/frustrated conversation is too long to wait for such a simple service?) and I'm ready to catch up. I have to admit after the World Wide Christmas drop rush I've enjoyed the little blogging break. But I'm ready to post, post, post!

Thanks for your patience.

Now, let the posting fest begin!


Juddie said...

Hi Bianca,
Glad to know that things are settling down a bit - so crap about your internet troubles though!

Thank you again for taking the time tot manage this blog. It does good things and I tell lots of people about it.

;-) Juddie

Noe said...

yeeey! your back! We really missed you :D

Julia said...

Hooray!! Welcome back.

vocab said...

very nice