Thursday, January 8, 2009

FOUND: Drop #99

Christmas Drop #99 has been found!

Matt said...


i Found the little blue one in the tree,
that Sunday before Christmas,
She lives happily on my bed,
and i think the toy society is an amazing idea,

big love, savannah.



Donna said...

How very exciting Savannah. I'm glad our toy has ended up being loved and cared for. Thanks for picking him up and giving him a home.
From Donna, Ciara and Ellie

Lauren said...

Hi Donna, Ciara and Ellie,

I found the little pink toy you dropped. Like Savannah's little blue toy, the pink one sits safely on my shelf.


Donna said...

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for letting us know...and for leaving a note on my blog. So glad it went to a good home :-)