Thursday, January 1, 2009

FOUND: not sure which drop!

*Edited to add: The dropper has outed themselves in the comments! Thanks to all the detectives who tried to piece the clues together!*

A toy drop has been found and I think it's one of the Christmas ones but I'm having troubles working out which one. If it's yours or you can work it out, leave a comment!

fromLaura Cairnduff
Mon, Dec 22, 2008

i found a black dog in parliament st park in tasmania...he has been rescued and has a very nice home with us.
from Laura, Lizzie and Jacob.


ColisaSota said...

could it be this one I searched the blog for tasmania and this one came up.

Myrna DLR said...

The Toy Society said...

Hi Guys, yeah that must be the one! I guess I was thinking it was a christmas one because of the timing of the email. Good spotting!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I think this drop was the one I did just before Christmas... I never did get around to sending you my photos *blush*. The reason I think it was my drop is because I dropped in Parliament St Park in Sandy Bay Tasmania, but then did not have chance to report back to the wonderful Toy Society! So pleased to hear he was adopted. We did check back later, and assumed he had been picked up by somebody lovely.