Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FOUND: Drop # 102

Drop Number 102 has been found!

msmith has left a new comment on your post "Drop # 102":

My 2 kids, a boy aged 9 and a half and girl aged 7 found your beautiful toys at queens park at 6pm,when we went for the town meeting about the fires nearby.They absolutly loved them but my husband and i talked them into giving them to the relief centre instead.I,m sorry but i couldnt let my spoilt kids get your lovely toys when nearby are kids who have lost everything in the fires.I drummed this message into my kids,kids from our school have lost their homes so in the end they decided to donate them and go home to find more toys they dont need for the poor kids who have nothing.I,ve never heard of the toy society before but my sister in warburton has and told me more about it.thanks for your kindness anyway.

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