Thursday, February 19, 2009

FOUND: Valentines Day Drop # 10

Valentines Day Drop # 10 has been found!


From: Maureen
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 12:51 PM
Subject: find a toy

Hi my name is Maureen,

on valentines day my husband went for a walk at the beach at Werribee south whilst I was visiting with my daughter and grandchildren.

He returned home with a lovely heart cushion with little hearts of many colors stitched on it, I thought he had bought it for me for valentines day, but alas as he told us his tale of finding it tied to a picnic table (and I admonished him for pinching someone's valentine), but after logging on to your web site I am delighted to relay his story. several people approach the cushion and read the tag, one lady even commented that it may be a bomb, they all walk on and left it behind, My hubby squeezed it determined it was not a bomb and brought it home for our 10 week old granddaughter. So when she is older we will tell her the story of how she came to have this special cushion thanks to her Poppadon, and the generosity of a special person out there.



Tinniegirl said...

That is so lovely.

potty mouth mama said...

That is a great story. How cute. I love that he squeezed it to check if it was a bomb! HA! So cute.

Chrisy said...

So lovely...and so pleased that you've shared the story with us!

Jodz said...

What a great story to be able to share with her (and us).