Monday, March 2, 2009

Drop # 131

Dropped: Ronald McDonald's House by Wesley Regional Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas, USA

Number of toys: 1

Made and dropped by: AuntPittyPat.

When: 1 March 2009

And AuntPittyPats says: I really had a great time with this doll. I spent a week trying to decide where I would leave her :) I could not decide the best place for her ... then Ronald's house came to mind :) I know she will get a good home if someone finds her there :)


Freedom said...

What a perfect place to drop a toy :)

TracyC said...

I grew up not far from there. What an awesome, awesome idea. Three cheers for you!

Lara said...

Yay! A local drop! How exciting. :)