Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Play All Day

The Toy Society is in print! And not only are we in print, but the book we are in is a very classy book indeed! 'Play all Day'.

Play All Day documents a collection of the most vibrant, stimulating and engaging design products and concepts for children. This book sets a new standard of design for children with fascinating examples of innovative and well-designed toys, playgrounds and play environments, room decorations, wall coverings, furniture and kindergarten architecture. In addition to these products, it also presents illustration, photography as well as new and original ideas offering playful solutions that talented designers and creative parents are designing for and with their kids. It is an inspiring reference for design-savvy parents and other professionals.

Congratulations to Noelia, Traci and Desiree who each have one of their toy drops included.


CurlyPops said...

Yippee for The Toy Society!

beck said...

How exciting - can't wait to have a look! x

Sarah said...

Looks like a great book! Congrats!

vocab said...