Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drop # 241 - A different kind of toy drop!

This toy was made for the Toy Society Drop. This was a different sort of drop. My father has been with me a couple of times when I have dropped toys around town. He thinks its a wonderful idea, spreading joy and love. He asked if I would make one so he could send it to a friend of his that is going through some rough times, and may lose their home. The man has a little girl and that is who is getting the toy. So I told him sure. I would love to make one for him :) I agreed with my dad.. I don't think it matters how the toy gets there as long as it is given with love ;)

Number of toys: 1

Made by: Aunt Pitty Pat

Given to: APP's Dad 20 April 09

Will be shipped to a friend in the USA.


FeltFinland said...

A lovely idea!

TracyC said...


trashalou said...

Spreading the love - that is what the Toy Society is all about :-)