Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drop # 244

Where: at eltham Market, victoria australia
made by and dropped by: gladness
When: sunday April 19, 2009
And Gladness says: it took 2 hours for someone to take her. i was sitting near by painting faces and i saw her go. a number of people had a look before hand.


Annaliese xx said...

Gladness... Thank you so much for the dear little doll I found at Eltham Market last week!

I was so incredibly touched by your generosity and kindness and it really made not only my day, but my entire week!!!

I took her home and took some pictures and posted her on my blog Curious Little Oyster -

I hand make items myself and so I can imagine the time and effort put into her.

My almost 60 year old mother picked her up and cuddled her so tightly - just like a child. She fell in her, so I passed on the generosity and gave her to mum. She is still showing her off to people!!!

Thank you once again,

Annaliese xx said...