Saturday, April 25, 2009

FOUND: Drop # 251

Drop # 251 has been found!

dateSat, Apr 25, 2009 at 5:43 AM

hoy adopte unos pajaritos hermosos! (en thames y gorriti, buenos aires)
gracias! era una maƱana llena de sol y encontrarme con ellos ilumino mas mi dia!


Translation provided by Babel Fish (feel free to advise corrections!):
Today it adopts beautiful small birds! (in thames and gorriti, Buenos Aires) thanks! it was a full morning of sun and to find me with them I illuminate but my day!


trashalou said...

It is always good to illuminate someone's day. :-)

elaine said...

the english translation is soo beautiful......gratitude is such a universal language :)

Noe said...

yeeey! :D

Sabiha said...

Ill have a crack at the translation...

"Today I adopted some beautiful little birds! Thank you! It was a morning full of sunlight and finding myself with them brightened up my day"

...more or less ;-)

nice email.... Im working on drop number 2 and my mother in law is knitting up some toys to drop in her suburb!! thanks B!