Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drop # 408 (a pretty special drop)

An international effort!

Dropped: Lisbon, Portugal
Number of toys: 1 - a mousey with his bed.
Made by: Schelle in Australia

Dropped by: Ingrid in Portugal

When: 14 June 2009

Schelle says: I made this mousey & his bed and posted it to my friend Ingrid, in Portugal, for her to drop.

Ingrid says: In the place where Expo 98 once was, there is now some museum-like places to visit, the oceanarium, and a mall, and gardens, and things.

There was a garden with a big statue of a giraffe. I wanted to tie the package around its tail, but it was full of children so that would ruin the surprise of it being found... since they'd see me hang it. I waited for about 20 minutes but instead of the children going away, more would come.

So... There was also the garden of music! And I left it there, tied to one of the instrument-thingies.


Schelle said...

Yayyy - I'm glad you thought it was special too - we had so much fun planning it!

PS should it be drop #409?

Ilona said...

This is fun! Lovely toy too, with the bed :)