Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drop # 454

Location: Ann Arbor Michigan, USA - Ingalls mall during Ann Arbor Summer Festival (Top of the Park), among the seating for the entertainment.

Number of Toys: 1

Made/Dropped by: Naner Lady nanerlady.blogspot.com/

When: 29 June 2009

Naner Lady says: I hope she was found before it started to rain =(

1 comment:

mla said...

She was found! Sorry it took me so long to post a comment--my husband and I have just started down the road to adoption, so our lives (and condo) have kind of been chaotic this year. I just uncovered her from a pile of books and paperwork I was moving to make room for our Xmas tree, and felt awful that neither of us had found the time to post. She's currently kicking back on a bookshelf. Thank you--this sounds like a terrific project--maybe I'll find some time soon to make a toy myself.