Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Drop # 477

Dropped: Carmichael Park, Carmichael, Ca, USA
Number of toys: 1, a cuddly octopus
Made and dropped by: amberlovesdinos
When: July 7, 2009
And Amber says: There were a few people in the area. It took me a bit to find a spot where no one would pay attention to me. Even, then, I dropped the toy, snapped a pic, and bolted.


sunnie fairy said...

oh, I'm glad there is more crocheted toys popping up!

Anonymous said...

That's the most adorable octopus I've ever seen! I hope he gets a nice home. <3

Shana said...

That is such a cute octopus! And I grew up right next to that park! Yay!