Saturday, July 18, 2009

Drop # 501

Drop by Spindiva, originally uploaded by TheToySociety.

Dropped: Farmersmarket at Railroad and Chesnut Bellingham, Washington USA,

Number of toys: 1 ,beanbag type

Made and dropped by: spinndiva

When: Friday, July 10, 2009

And Spindiva says: What a rush! My Kids (8 and 12) and I made "Jimmy Freckles", a beanbag type toy. We have made a bunch of those over the years, to play around the house. The kids LOVE them, so we thought maybe someone else would love them too! :D We even got my husband in on the action! He drove the "getaway car", while my son and I tied Jimmy to the cart. My daughter was the "lookout". We dropped them off at the little Sculpture of a goat and a cart. We went to eat ice cream and go on an evening walk and when we drove by on the way home it was gone! :)

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