Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drop # 506

Dropped: Burlington Public Library, Burlington WA, USA in the children's section
No of toys: 1
Made & dropped by: kwilt4u
When: Monday 20th July as soon as the library opened
After getting permission from the librarian I was able to drop Gerry. Even though I was there when the library opened the place was busy so an unobserved drop can be difficult. Gerry is my second drop, and I think she'll find a home today quite easily.


Carol E. said...

cute doll!

caramela said...

What a lovely- brilliant idea! How awesome! Maybe I will try to make something too- but I usually paint, I don't make toys- oh boy, maybe I should learn- a really tiny toy...
Thank you for spreading the joy!!!

Joy said...

Gerry was happily found by Audrey (8) on Monday. She's been re-named Sue and is enjoying her new life at our house.