Saturday, September 5, 2009

FOUND: Drop # 598

Drop # 598 has been found!

From: Enid
Date: Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 7:41 AM
Subject: toy adoption

Hello! Today we went with our little Alejandra to Carytown for some ice cream. After she finished her strawberry ice cream cone, her face was covered with ice cream. We went to the bathroom, washed her face, and when we got back, the nice young lady working at Ben & Jerry's gave Alejandra such a nice surprise--a beautiful gray bear made with so much love by a stranger! Alejandra hugged "Osito Gris" all the way home, and has been loving it and carrying it since we got back.

Thank you Darth Knitious, wherever you are, for such a special and unique gift. There's a lesson for Alejandra to be learned, and that's that simple and selfless acts of kindness towards strangers, can mean the world to others. We're sure you spent a long time creating such a beautiful bear, and we know that Alejandra will spend even longer loving it. May good things come your way; after all, you get what you give. Thanks!

Alejandra and Parents

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Darth said...

Oh! This makes me so happy. :) She's adorable, and I know Osito Gris is getting lots of love! <3