Saturday, September 5, 2009

FOUND: not sure which drop!

Not sure which drop this is, perhaps it was yours?

dateMon, Aug 31, 2009 at 1:33 AM


This is to say thank you to the very kind little fairy who left a toy. But I have a confession... it was not a child who found it.. it was my dog...

We that is my husband and my dog had been driving for 10 hours on our way home when we stopped at a park ( we took a detour to look around that area of Konwak. It was a small park down the road from a clothing shop, it had a very neat little BBQ area) where my lovely doggie found your toy ... he ran off with it and refused to get in the car without it, and slept with it between his paws all the 5 hours home, and then took it to his bed...

I know you intended this toy for a child but can I say that my sog will get great pleasure from this gift for a very long time for he is not destructive, so my dog (Laddie) has said he will buy another toy and take it to our local park and tye it to a tree and hope some child will enjoy it. What a lovely, thoughtful idea, Thank you and may god bless and keep you always x

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Erica said...

Oh, wow. That sounds like my toy drop. It hasn't got a number yet as I forgot to post a photo until today!!! I am soooo glad your doggy found it and loves it so. So sweet of you to get back to the site! Thanks and hugs to Laddie...