Sunday, October 11, 2009

FOUND: not sure which drop! (a sweet finder story though)

Fwd: A toy story..., originally uploaded by TheToySociety.

Not sure which drop this is, can anyone shed any light? Are you "Grandma in Colorado" who is now known as some sort of special Santa in Quebec?!

This is a truly delightful finder story!


From: Annie
Date: Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 5:51 AM
Subject: A toy story...


Last week, on september 27, my parents-in-law went to take a walk in the Quebec's old port (Quebec, Canada). They found a toy in a bag, under the rain; the toy was on a fence, close to the cruiser «Eurodam». They decided to take and carry it to my daughter Beatrice, 5 years old. This toy was made by «Grandma-in-Colorado».

When we explained the story of this toy, Beatrice asked us: «Does it means that this Grandma loves me?» We answered that this means that this grandma is like Santa Claus, spreading love around the world. Thank you so much for the toy, but also, and especially, to remember us to give love around us, every day. Small things are often more important that we believe.

Beatrice decided to name her doll «Coquine»: that means «roguish», in french.

Thank you, again, so much! And take care!



Anonymous said...

Just got home from that trip, and posted the drop data yesterday. What a nice "welcome home" gift to find this letter!-Grandma in Colorado (10/24/09)

Anonymous said...

I think it's Drop # 760. What a beautiful story.


carlaevelien said...

What a lovely reaction!