Sunday, November 29, 2009

Drop #803 and #804

Robots for The Toy Society (Black Friday Drop) by Kellie C..

Dropped: Community Methodist Hospital, Henderson, KY & The Olive Garden, Evansville, IN.

Number of toys: 2

Made by: Kellie

Dropped by: Kellie @ And She Can't Even Cook and her sister, Jackie.

When: 28 November, 2009

And Kellie says: I thought it would be fun to do a drop on Black Friday. We got so involved in shopping however, that we forgot to do one of the instead of leaving robot #2 in a shopping area, we left him at a local hospital.
Toy Society Robot Drop 11/28/09 by Kellie C..

Toy Society Robot Drop 2 11/28/09 by Kellie C..

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barb shillinger said...

What good looking guys! I love the stitching!