Sunday, December 20, 2009

09 Christmas Drop #108

Dropped: Santa Monica, California, USA
Number of toys: 1
Made by: Robert Mahar
Dropped by: 
When: December 20, 2009
Robert says: this jolly Sock Elf was suspended from the fencing around a child development center playground in my neighborhood.

Robert Mahar

P.O. Box 3360
Santa Monica, CA 90408
p. 310.560.0343



Juddie said...

Hi Robert,

thanks very much for your ongoing support of the Toy Society! In your original post, you had uploaded some pictures of other toy drops from the Toy Society blog - I hope you don't mind that I replaced them with the image of the elf that you had posted on your website....

Happy Christmas,

Rose said...

This is such a wonderful sock elf! I love it.

Leonie said...

he's gorgeous!

donna said...

that sock elf is amazing! can i ask where you got the pattern

JenMeister said...

This is gorgeous x

Robert Mahar said...

Juddie - thank you for catching my mistake in sending the wrong image! Could you also take down my phone #?

And thank you for the kind comments! Donna, I actually made the pattern up myself. =)

x Robert