Sunday, December 20, 2009

09 Christmas Drop #116

Dropped: Stockton Costco, tied to my shopping cart when I was leaving

Number of Toys: 1 snake

Made by: Dianah

Dropped by: Dianah, Delaney and Daphne

When: Sunday Dec 20, 2009

And Dianah says: We were planning on leave our snake on our table after we ate BUT we had people watching us eat so they could have our table next.  We had to rethink our plan.  On the way to the car I noticed people having to get a shopping cart in the parking lot before they went in to shop.  So I tied the snake to the shopping cart and stashed the cart by a tree.  I hope someone finds him.


Juddie said...

Cute snake Dianah!

Just so we can tag and organise these posts, could you please let us know which country this little guy was dropped in?

Have a happy Christmas :-)

Dianah said...

Sorry, I forgot that.

Stockton, Ca United States.

Thanks for deleting my birthday ticker!

Merry Christmas!

Juddie said...

Thank you Dianah,
Hope that's OK, as I didn't think it was related to the toy post ....