Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Drop # 845

Edited: Note this drop has been added to the regular drop tally (formerly it was 09 Christmas Drop # 195) as the cut off for the Christmas Drops was 24 December.

Dropped: pedestrian underpass at Broadway and Baseline, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Number of Toys: 1

Made by: decapod

Dropped by: decapod

When: December 28 2009

And decapod says: sweater elephant from a Linda Carr pattern. The little elephant waited outside for more than a day, hope he found a warmer home.


pnord said...

The elephant's name is now Ellie. She has found a warm home where she will soon be surrounded by lots of other stuffed animals when we get her back to Indiana.

Earlier today Ellie joined us for some sledding in Rocky Mountain National Park. And she joined us for dinner this evening at Casa Bonita. It was a good experience. Though she was briefly lost in the game room.

Stevens Family said...

I LOVE the elephant. Where can I find a pattern?

Juddie said...

Oh, this little elephant is gorgeous! How wonderful that he has a warm new home!