Sunday, December 20, 2009

09 Christmas Drop # 85


Dropped:                Children's playground in Jones Park, Brunswick East, Victoria, Australia
Number of Toys:     One
Made by:                Juddie
Dropped by:           Juddie
When:                    7:30pm, Sunday 20th December 2009


 And Juddie says:    I was delayed and couldn't get to the park until quite late in the evening - when I finished walking my dog at 8:15 this little hoot-owl was still waiting patiently on a spinning pole. He might have to wait there overnight, but I think he should be OK as the weather is quite warm and he likes spending time outside with other nocturnal creatures. The frogs in the nearby pond will also help sing him to sleep.

Happy Christmas all!

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The Toy Society said...

Oh, what a divine little owly!