Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Found: 09 Christmas Drop # 2

09 Christmas Drop #2 has been found!

dateWed, Dec 23, 2009 at 8:12 AM

i found "09 Christmas Drop #2!" the bear with a santa hat & scarf. i go to school & work at the college of new jersey. today i had just gotten out of work and was walking by the stairs to get to my car, when i found this bag. good thing i'm always curious about this kind of stuff, because i immediately picked it up thinking a kid had dropped it or something. little did i know this toy was just for me! it totally made my day...when i got home the first thing i did was go to this website. i love this project and how much its spread throughout the world...that's amazing! it's especially interesting to me because i'm an art student and i just finished a conceptual art class. this is a beautiful idea that i am definitely going to tell my professor about. thanks so much for what you're doing...i'm sure you're making a lot of people's days brighter, like you did for me.

Ewing, NJ

p.s. i also thought it was interesting that this toy was not in the original spot it was placed when i found it! i know the garage Nonni is talking about, but this was a different one, quite far from the one where she put it first. i wonder how it got there!

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