Sunday, December 20, 2009

FOUND: Christmas Drop #95

2009 Christmas Drop # 95 has been found! (... and the journey continues...)

Tonje relates the story in her comment:

Tonje said...
Hello Mari and Fiona. We went into Mc Donalds in Borne this evening when we saw a homeless sitting outside. We told our kids to give him some money. They did before we entered Mc Donalds. Inside Mc Donalds without us adults noticing the homeless came in and gave our kids something. It was the beautifull little doll you made. It gave us a chance to teach our kids a little bit about the importance of giving. Unfortunatly the kids lost the dog in the christmast shopping after dinner. They were dissapointed. But I believe the little doll will teach someone else something too.. Thank you:)

Mari said...

Dear Tonje, Thank you so much for letting me know he was found! The most I could have hoped was that he found a good home...To know that he is on a journey to spread love and the importance of giving to more than just one home is heartwarming. May you and yours enjoy a Happy Holiday season. Felicidades Mari

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