Friday, January 1, 2010

09 Christmas Drop #194

Dropped: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Number of Toys: 1 Toy Shark
Made and Dropped by: Andrea Buckvold
When: Dec. 24th, 2009

My kindergarten-aged daughter found a toy society teddy bear near our home in NY this fall, and we wanted to pay forward the gift outside my kindergarden in MN. Happy New Year.


Juddie said...

What a beautiful shark! Lucky finders! May I ask what pattern you used?

Andrea Buckvold said...

Thanks, I made up the pattern myself. I like to make them in all sorts of colors and designs

rachel said...

Andrea -

My daughter found your shark outside of St. Thomas grade school (now Carondelet) - she loves it and is planning to create her own toy to pass on. I think I went to high school with your sister - Rachel at AHA.

Anyway - Thanks again!