Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drop #899

Drop: San Antonio de Padua Church, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Number of toys: one

Made by: Eli

Dropped by: eli and Family

When: Wed Jan 20th, 2010

And Eli says: this is one of the most important churches in the town. The centre of San Antonio de Areco is always full of tourist from different parts of the world, who come to experience the Argentine traditions, the mate, the gauchos and the asado (our pride meal!).

These three owlies we dropped in the town have been the first one we do as a family, my hubby and daughter eager to stay and see who picked them up. We hope the people of San Antonio de Areco find happiness and good vibes to survive the terrible flooding form last month.



Juddie said...

Lovely! I'm sure these little owls will bring joy to troubled souls :-)

Anonymous said...

¡qué lindo que pudieras dejarlo en Areco! con todo lo que ha pasado esa ciudad en los últimos tiempos, una alegría.

So nice if you could leave it in Areco! with everything that has happened in that town lately, it would be such a joy.

Eli said...

Thank you girls!
They were nice drops indeed, and as i was uploading and writing I could see from a cafe a group of girls taking one of the owlies.It was great.
Peace to all!