Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Found: Drop #940.

Drop # 940 has been found!

paula has left a new comment on your post "Drop #940":

hey juddie
we're the excited new owners of fluffy bunny. how fun to find him on the fence beside school. a perfect surprise for my prep person who was THRILLED! Heidi named him fluffy bunny, despite the obvious lack of fluff. on sunday fluffy bunny joined us (mum, dad + the 2 kids) in the front basket of a lurid pink bike for a long ride along merri creek. you can see we're trying to model good health to the bunny. fluffy bunny passed up the opportunity for a chunk of honey cake after the ride, so the message is sinking in.
thanks again, it was really fun to find a freebie and imagine who might have left and made it! heidi also commented on how long it must have taken to make the bunny, so all your work is very much appreciated!
it's got us all thinking about what random act of kindness we might offer the world.
paula and heidi

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