Sunday, March 28, 2010

Drop #1055

amigurumi hibrido2 by BelaNix.
Dropped: One of the doors of the Buenos Aires GreenHouse
[República Arabe-Siria y Av. Las Heras], Argentina

Number of toys: one

Made by: Nix

Dropped by: Nix [] and el Bas

Date: 12 march 2010

And Nix says: first i'll try using the flirc account, please forgive any inconviniences this may create. Cheers

Orejotaz en el Botánico by BelaNix.

1 comment:

Nix said...

ladies, sorry, my mistake.
I sent an email with the photos but afterwards i opened a flickr account and published the pics again.
It´s the same toy that drop 1038
sorry, sorry, sorry...