Sunday, March 28, 2010

Drop #1059

IMG_0592 by Sewing Gal.
Dropped:Golden Corral Buffet on the bench in the front of the resurant, Logan, Utah

Number of toys:1 Black Apple doll

Made by: Sewing Gal

Dropped by: Sewing Gal's family

When: 22 March 2010

And Sewing Gal says: Our first ever drop! We left her on the bench after eating a yummy dinner. When we went back about an hour later, she had found a new home!
8404b9dd152f by Sewing Gal.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Little Madilyn Rose, age 6, took home your precious doll and named her Madilyn! She recently found out that she her Mommy is expecting a 3rd baby boy. This doll was a special surprise for our little Madilyn and it means so much to her, knowing that she is our only girl and will soon have 3 little brothers. Madilyn (the doll) has been given such love and affection and is a treasure to her.
After eating at golden corral, all were buckeled up and waiting in the car for me(mom) and Ethan. Ethan forgot his coat he ran back to the table to get it. I saw the precious doll and the FREE, take me home on our way out the door. Madilyn was thrilled to the core and touched as she red the note out loud for all of us as we drove home . She was very touched and the whole idea of it all and squoze her doll and loved it instantly.
Thank you forever!