Sunday, April 4, 2010

Drop # 1066

The Easter Bunny by mis_tree.
Dropped: Bottom of small childrens slide, Adventure Park, Durham Street, Bathurst

Number of toys: 1

Made by: Mis_tree

Dropped by: - Mummy, Aunty and 'Stanks'

When: 04/04/2010

And mis_tree says: Was very nervous leaving during such a busy time, as soon as we turned our backs, it was gone
The Easter Bunny by mis_tree.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

On easter Sunday my boyfriend and I were babysitting 3 small children at the adventure playground, as both their parents work shift work, the easter bunny had not yet been and they were very excited to get home and check!! When we were at the small slides the girl was becoming very upset, her older brother found the toy bunny and gave it to her to feel better, the toy bunny is now a much loved addition to the other exciting things the easter bunny had dropped off......thankyou very much