Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drop # 1100

Dropped: Pocket Park planter full of sunny daffodils on the Upper West Side, New York City, NY USA

Number of Toys: 1, a patchwork Violet Bear

Made and dropped by: Auntie Nettie

When: 7 April 2010
Lunchtime -- with families, kids and caretakers running around, I'm sure this was found very soon

Auntie Nettie says: This toy is being dropped today, April 7, 2010, in memory of Maddie - a very special spirit who loved purple and looked so good in yellow.

After 28 weeks and 6 days of an extremely rocky gestation, Madeline Alice Spohr was born on November 11, 2007. She weighed three pounds one ounce, and was 15 3/4 inches long. Because she was over 11 weeks premature, she was rushed to a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She spent 68 long days there until the wonderful January afternoon she went home.

Maddie's prematurity left her lungs scarred, but her amazing happiness remained unscathed. She lit up the lives of everyone she met (and countless more she didn't) with her bright eyes, infectious laugh, and gigantic grin.

On April 6th, Maddie came down with a severe respiratory infection. She left the world suddenly and unexpectedly April 7, 2009.

A foundation, Friends of Maddie, was established in tribute to this extraordinary little girl and the light she brought to the world. It provides support to families of critically ill babies in an effort to help ease the transition into NICU life and to be an ally until the end of their child's hospital stay.


Juddie said...
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Juddie said...

... a sad story but a beautiful commemoration ...

Sweetness and love are in this little toy!