Sunday, May 2, 2010

Drop #1140

Photo0139 by Annie2324.
Dropped: Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains

Number Of Toys: 1

Made By: Annie2324

Dropped by: Annie 2324

When: 1/5/10

And Annie says: We dropped this toy after exploring one of the caves andwe noticed it had gone very soon after.
Photo0198 by Annie2324.


Anonymous said...

OH!! It's me who found it!!
=)) We're four girls from Hong Kong visiting Sydney and joint the Jenolan Caves tour!

We're more than surprised when we discovered it =))

Thanks for your toy and we love this campaign and the "giving something for nothing" experience!

We'll bring the toy back to Hong Kong and share it with my firends!!

Thanks a lot!! You made our day!!

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

HOW COOL! Love this toy and the story of who found it! ~smile~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi