Saturday, June 12, 2010

Found: Drop # 1209

Edited to add: Thanks to the commenters for pointing out that this found drop is in #1209...

Not sure which drop# this find belongs to, can you help (or provide a better translation than Babel Fish?).

Forwarded message ----------
From: magdalena
Date: 2010/6/10
Subject: juguete rescatado

hola!que buen proyecto,el domingo paseando por la plaza castelli encontramos a la ahora bautizada SOFIA.que lindo,y sorprendente,les mando unas fotos de su nuevo hogar y de su dueƱa abril.muchas gracias!!

ENGLISH Translation courtesy of Babel Fish:
hello to good project, on Sunday walking around the plaza castelli find the now named SOFIA.que cute, and surprisingly, I send photos of your new home and its owner abril.muchas thanks!


Anonymous said...

looks like 1209 to me. so nice of them to send in all those pictures!

Deb said...

It´s Drop #1209 made and dropped by Noe Dobleufa.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I hope this translation may help to a better understanding: "Hello! what a good work. Last sunday while walking at plaza Castelli, we found the now named Sofia (the doll). How cute and surprising! I send you some photos of her new home and her owner, April. Thanks a lot!!"