Sunday, October 24, 2010

Drop #1395


Dropped: At Coogee Beach

No. of toys: 1
Made and Dropped by: Maria
When: October 8th

Maria says: I walked past an hour later and someone had taken the toy and the Toy Society letter out and thrown them on the ground. The "Take me home I'm yours"-note and the ziplock bag was gone.

It made me really sad to think that even if they didn't like the little lion... they couldn't even leave it for someone who might have liked it. They had unfolded the letter so I know they had read it. Sad sad people.

I picked the little lion up and thought about just giving up on the whole thing... Maybe keeping him for myself? But a few days later I changed my mind and dropped him at a playground near Coogee Beach. No photo of that as I didn't have my camera with me that time. An hour later he was gone. Hopefully someone found him and liked him.


Carol E. said...

Oh, people are goofy! Your lion is adorable, and hopefully the next person loved him. I had one removed from a bag, too, and left there, with the bag tossed to the side. I re-packaged it and hung it back up. Hopefully it was found and loved. I guess we can only do our part and give up control of what happens after we drop them. I'm sure 99% of them are found and loved.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Oh, I'm sorry that happened to you :( Some people just can't help but be jerks, they don't know anything else. However, I'm happy to hear that you stuck with it! I'm sure it made someone's day :)

The Toy Society said...

Your lion is gorgeous Maria. Some people are just weirdos!

Maria said...

Thanks to all of you, I really needed some encouragement.

I've never had a confirmation on that any of my toys were found but I was still convinced they found loving homes... This just made me so dissapointed.

Again, thanks for your kind words. Made another drop this Friday. On a playground. These idiots will not ruin the fun and joy of Toy Society for me! :)

Hallie said...

I am so inspired by this blog and hope to make a toy drop some day soon... In the mean time, I m giving this blog a Versatile Blogger award! Please stop by for more details!

rachel said...

my heart was broken a little after reading your post. ugh, some people are so lame! i'm sure it has nothing to do with not liking your beautiful little lion - i'm guessing it was just a teenager being stupid. good for you for bringing your lion to the playground; i'm sure your made someone very happy!