Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drop # 1437

Dropped: Shands at the University of Florida (transplant hospital), Gainesville, Florida, USA
Number of Toys: 2
One pink piggie, and one baby blue piggie
Made and dropped by: Connie
When: Thursday, November 25th, 2010
And Connie says:
Our niece is at Shands awaiting a double lung transplant. When we got the call that she'd been moved there, I whipped up two pig stuffed animals to take with. However, I forgot my camera and forgot to to take a picture of them at home. I did manage to print out the "Take Me Home" letter, though! : )

We gave the two stuffed animals to the Welcome Desk at the hospital with the request that they leave them where they felt they'd be found best. We didn't want to leave them/hide them as we've done in the past only because we felt that since we were unfamiliar with the hospital, we might end up leaving them in an area frequented by kids too sick to be able to have them (since many areas of the hospital are VERY sterile due to transplants). We believe the Welcome Desk personnel would have a better idea where to leave them so they might find happy forever homes.

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