Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drop # 1428


Dropped: I-25 rest stop, Colorado City, CO USA
Number of toys: 1
Made by: decapod
Dropped by: decapod
When: 11/27/2010
And decapod says: camel from a 1970s pattern book



Juddie said...

Oh! I love this camel - lucky finders! Would you consider sharing the pattern?

Brianna said...

My two-year-old daughter found this one on our trip home from Ft. Collins, CO. She was SO excited and it is very loved. She has named him "Pony". She also puts her Mickey Mouse on it and makes Mickey ride all around the house. This was the first time any of the family had heard of the Toy Society and it brightened up our long drive. By the way, I just commented because I have no idea how to mark it as a found drop.