Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Christmas Drop #29

Dropped: St. Paul Public Library (Central), downtown St. Paul, MN, USA
Number of toys: one
Made by: Carol E.
Dropped by: Carol E.
When: Wed., Dec 22, 2010
In the drop photo, the toy is opposite the garbage can... see the little spot of green? That's it. I am hoping that it is at about eye level with some child who comes out the door to the left of where I was standing.


Anonymous said...


I found him underneath the Christmas tree at Rice Park in Saint Paul, MN. Just in time for the holidays!!! I had to return a defective present that was intended for my girlfriend and was at a loss as to what else to get her... and a few minutes later, walking through the park, I found the perfect little toy underneath the Christmas tree!

Thanks so much, Carol, for making this toy!

Berta D.

Carol E. said...

Wow! I wonder how and why he traveled from the library to under the tree in the park!? These toys take interesting journeys. Glad you found him and he has a warm, happy home.