Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 World Wide Christmas Drop

Are you participating in the World Wide Christmas Drop this year? All the details should be in your inbox now. Please be sure to check the posting details as they are very different to usual posting, in fact we're asking you not to use Flickr to post your Christmas drops. Be sure to check your email for the details.

Also, we're delighted to say that this year because the last weekend before Christmas is a whole week before the big day, we are extending the timeframe to be the whole week! So all drops this week will be counted as a World Wide Christmas Drop.

Perhaps you would like to include a Christmas card of some sort with your drop this week?


Dollmaker Barb said...

If I understand the Christmas drop directions, I am to post my pics to my own blog, properly tagged and they will end up on the toy society's blog? But I have done that, and mine aren't showing. I have to keep on changing the numbers on my drop, as other drops show up on the site. Am I doing this correctly?

The Toy Society said...

Hi Barb, you need to send your drop details to this blog, not yours! Did you get the email with the address you need to send to? Just email the details to that and if you have any troubles send us an email.

vocab said...

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