Sunday, February 27, 2011

Drop #1471

Dropped: Jim and Nicks BBQ, Destin, Florida

Number of toys: 1

Made and dropped by yarnigras!

When: 2/26/11

And val says: We went to see my folks this weekend and dropped this little robot at the front of the restaurant on a gorgeous day. As we were leaving 2 hours later, the hostess said a little 5 year old girl rescued him...


Terri Wallace said...

Thanks so much for the toy drop. It really brightened our day! We found this cutie shortly after you dropped him. My daughter is actually 9 but loved him. We will be moving shortly to Maryland and she thinks it would be a great idea to leave him somewhere there and see how far he can travel.

Juddie said...

Hey Val,
I love this little robot! Would you mind if I stole your idea and made a similar one to drop in Melbourne?
x Juddie