Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drop # 1523 - 1527

Dropped: DEVON, UK

Number of toys: 2 CHICKS, 1 LEAF ELF, 1MOUSE

Made by: JOPSY74

Dropped by: JOPSY74 & PEG05

When: 26TH & 30TH APRIL 2011


Juddie said...

Hi Jopsy,
sorry to post all these together but I'm trying to catch up on a large backlog of pictures that need to be uploaded to this blog, and I fear I may not get back up to date soon.
You're doing a fantastic job out there in Devon .... lucky finders!
Best wishes,
Juddie (TS Admin)

Jopsy said...

Thank You, I appreciate the time it takes, just lovely seeing them on here :)

mjrichards said...

Yay! Your Leaf Elf was found!!

Jopsy said...

I know! V excited :)