Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drop #1515


No. of toys: 1 teddy bear
Made and Dropped by: Maria
When: May 31st
Dropped: At Sydney Childrens Hospital.

I gave the bear to one of the staff members as I wasn't allowed to leave it on a chair. She didn't seem to grasp the concept of The Toy Society and wanted me to speak to their PR department? Then she said she would put the bear out "in a few days". I really hope she reads (and understands) the note and puts it out for someone to find. I sewed this by hand so it took quite some time.... I made it for someone to find, not for it to sit in a bag behind a desk of a children's hospital. :(



Carolyn said...

What a cute pink teddy!

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Carol E. said...

It's a fabulous and beautiful bear!! I hope she takes the time to figure it out, too. There is a lot of love waiting for a child in that bear. (next time find a waiting room where SHE is not watching and do the regular, secretive drop -- this time you were too nice, following rules).

Steve Finnell said...

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Maria said...

Thank you so much Carolyn and Carol. Yeah, next time I will definitely make sure the staff doesn't see me. :/

carlaevelien said...

I sure hope she understands it and leave the bear somewhere to find. I dropped something lately, with only a note with my blog-address on it, thinking that people might not take time to read a note. The woman who found it gave me a reaction, but at first she thought it was something commercial, leading customers to an internet site. Next time I'll make sure to state in the note that it is just for fun, and it's about making somebody's day!